¿Qué le dirías a Don Priestley?

This page is a tribute to Don Priestley. Here old (and new) Spectrum users can tell him what they think about their games, what they felt when they played his games… Feel free to give your opinion here, I'll try to send the URL of this page to Don so that he can know what we all think about his work. It's time to thank Spectrum programmers for all the emotions they gave us… Think in this page as Don Priestley's ?GuestBook. Come and sign.

Don is the author of Spectrum (and zx80) famous games, such as Mazrogs, Maziacs, Popeye, Trap Door, Through The Trap Door, and Flunky.

Santiago Romero < compiler @ escomposlinux * org >

When I bought my +2A computer it came with some games. Between all the games I had, between all the new games being sell every day, there were some of them I always loaded and played like the first day. That only happens with good games. I'm talking about Target Renegade, Bombjack, R-Type, Manic Miner… and Maziacs. I played maziacs for hours, for weeks, for months and for years. It was a simple fun game with clear rules and I spent lots of hours in front of my TV playing it. Big graphics and colours are the main signs of identity of Don's games. Trap Door is a masterpiece, and Flunky and Popeye are quite colorful.

I've passed lots of good moments with Maziacs. Due to this I wanted to thank Don Priestley for creating such a wonderful game. When I think on the Spectrum, one of the games I first think of is Maziacs. Thanks a lot for the good evenings passed in the computer with my afternoon snack defeating or avoiding maziacs, or running through the maze looking for a sword.

Those were the times… :-)

Tony Brazil < headspeccy @ yahoo * es >

Hi mr Don, –if you allow me addressing you like that ;-)

I can only tell you that your Speccy games are excellent. I'd highlight the sympathy that is dominant in all of them.

Games like Trap Door, Popeye, Flunky or Benny Hill,had all of them a lot of sympathy and really colorful graphics –quitea surprising feature in a 48K Speccy. One of the games I enjoyed most, was Maziacs, a superb game, quite simple at first glance, but that will keep you hooked to the screen for a long time

You left a great legacy for our Speccies, and at that time we were looking forward to see more titles coming from you, Don Pryestley.

Congratulations and thanks a lot!

Regards, Tony

Thanks to ivan ruiz to translate this message spanish to english, my english is very poor ;-)

Jorge Arroyo <trozo at makasoft net>

I got my first computer, a ZX Spectrum 48k when I was very small, and it came with a big plastic suitcase of tapes. Between all of the games, there are a few which I remember the most, and the one I played the most (and still do now with the help of an emultator) is Maziacs. Simple but fun with big colorful graphics and difficult but not so frustating. I loved it when a Maziac would get you without a sword, there was a small chance that you would be able to kill it, so those few seconds of fight were a thrill, specially if you won :)


Jorge I come from Argentina, congratulation Mr Priestley, I like Flunky!!!! excellent game!!!! you dont think make Flunky 2 ???????